Up In The Air


    I envy my friends on the east coast. Especially the ones that have moved out of the city and into the suburbs. They get to sit on a train everyday and commute into the city for work. Metro North over NJ Transit all day of course. Not hating on NJ, just a better quality of train, and I definitely didn’t grow up there. I imagine how prolific they must be with getting things done on this train every morning. These days being a small business owner, I get some of my best work done when traveling. You’re unplugged sitting in a virtual cubicle. There are no conference calls, pitch meetings, or only over 500K Instagram models clamoring for a piece of your beautiful mind. Sometimes I fly to San Fransisco just to write important emails. Yes, it adds up but that’s the cost of doing business and we don’t have a business manager advising us yet, so up up and away. I would ride a train if we had any in California. Apparently there are earthquake related zoning laws that prevent basements and trains. Not surprised, after all we are in Hollywood, this is where the Wright brothers first invented manned flight when they flew the Kitty Hawk across the Coachella Valley, right near where the main stage usually sits. Current mood, I’m on a flight right to Austin to watch my beloved Michigan Wolverines play for a national basketball championship. I should either be drinking to get a head start or sleeping to prolong my evening, but instead I was compelled by solitude to work. Write a blog, work, it’s all the same as long as my laptop is open. And I’m only stopping now because my drink has arrived and I need to get in a quick power nap before we land. By the way, best advice we ever got, always use a company card with a great miles program for company expenses. Paid eleven dollars for this flight. I can’t wait to see what kind of inspiration hits me on the way back. As my mom used to say, "Drink you later." 

Wait, a quick state of Hero LA as the air waiter didn't know the difference between shaken and stirred. So we’ve just wrapped the first quarter and couldn’t be happier. With several jobs in post and some exciting prospects for the 2nd quarter, optimism remains high as we continue to build out the infrastructure of Hero LA. We have Digital Fridays, Assessment Mondays, and toying with Weekend Wednesdays. It’s really beginning to look less like Two Broke Girls and more like Madmen. Unfortunately this week we’re adding a business manager, which will supposedly help us be smarter with our money. Guess I’ll have to write emails from my self driving car. Next addition to Hero, a payroll company. Supposedly that’s important for insurance and tax purposes, but I think it's just for optics. Till I fly again and GO BLUE.

Addendum: I grew up in NJ and I loved it

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