Chapter One

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in interesting ways" - RG

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in interesting ways" - RG


    I'm sitting in a metal tube, next to a man who has not showered since last Saturday, on a sixteen hour flight returning to LA from London via Iceland on WOW "we charge for everything even water" Airlines, and all I can think about is how lucky am I to have avoided the terrorist attacks and how can I use my time in the air to push Hero LA forward. It's a strange two thoughts to be juggling but I eventually made the connection... I'm just lucky to be able to go about my business because some a-hole terrorists decided to rampage at London Bridge instead of in Soho that night. While not random for the terrorists, it's completely random for the rest of us. I will go about my life without a single thought of where you might be next. My heart goes out to all that have been affected, I stand with you and I can't wait to return to beautiful London. 

    We have come to the end of chapter one, Hero LA. Four branded commercials and one narrative short later, we have learned a ton about business and filmmaking, but I think more importantly, we have built a level of trust and confidence in each other forged through many days and many decisions together. I can confidently say I believe our production company will be successful, not because we are good at what we do, but because we are always trying to figure out ways we can be even better. Whether it's the creative, the execution, or the business of business. I believe in our process and I'm grateful to have found like minded and like spirited partners but also all with different strengths and aesthetics. So for having found Tim with whom started Hero LA with me, and then later Sam joining us, I am eternally grateful. And then our advisors Adam and Dan, for their invaluable contributions on the client and tech side. And it goes all the way down the list to our production team and department heads who kill it for us and whom we hope to repay with continued work and increasing wages. We are incredibly grateful. Chapter one set the bar high but I know each coming chapter is going to push it even higher. Work with us. Im pretty sure you'll see what I'm seeing :)




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