A Hero's Barbeque

herobbq-invite 2.jpg

We made no money in 2017 so we're doing the only sensible thing, throwing a BBQ!! On a tight budget of course :) Six months ago I never would have thought simply sustaining the company after a year's worth of work would be cause for celebration but here we are without a dollar more or less in our coffers and we couldn't be more optimistic. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a competitive market and we lost just as many jobs as we got, but we've learned to value process over results. For certain we love being on the day shooting, but we equally love digging into creative and building treatments. It's an opportunity for us to show our aesthetic and quality whether a budget comes through or not. Though it is highly possible a tiny bit of us dies each time one of our beautiful treatments don't get a life. Good thing we're in Hollywood and each creative is certain to be dusted off and re-appropriated at some point down the line :)

So off into 2018 we sail, and so far the waters have been kind. We've pitched to our first agency, worked with outside creative directors, and coordinated campaign launches with publicists. These were all incredibly moments for us as a company and indications that Hero is moving in the right direction but perhaps nothing was more surprising or welcome than working with our first line producers and production coordinators! Like any small business, we do almost everything ourselves, especially in preproduction, but no more!! Going over their job descriptions practically brought me to tears. So here's looking at a 2018 with hopes for even more growth and milestones. If you happen to read this before our BBQ this Sunday, come by. It's for all the wonderful people we've worked with, want to work with, or just simply like being around! 

Next post I'll get into our Under Armour + Tudela FC campaign. What started as a spec has evolved into a promising social impact campaign!




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